Veteran owned self publishing and consulting firm

About Stonywood


Stonywood is a veteran-owned professional speaking and consulting firm. It is primarily the home base for multi-talented authors Robert and Peggy Sholly.

Stonywood’s staff also provides assistance and advisory role information for new self publishing authors and small start-up self publishing companies. New authors generally have a subject about which they want to write, along with many questions and little experience in how to pursue their writing goals. Stonywood provides the support and guidance the new author requires.

In its early development, Stonywood Publications duplicated most of the difficulties that small start-up companies experience. Using this background, Stonywood is able to provide suggestions and recommendations on how to avoid the pitfalls and missteps a new author or small company might encounter.

Stonywood’s initial book was Down Home Delicious, a cookbook that earned 6 national awards and is sold internationally. There is also a 25 recipe companion book, “A Taste of Down Home Delicious” available on Amazon Kindle.

Stonywood Publications most recent publication is Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors: Inside One of the Most Highly Decorated Battalions of Vietnam by Colonel Robert Sholly, USA (Ret.). This powerful war story is taken directly from the daily journal kept by Sholly during his first combat tour. YSAW chronicles the action with eye witness accounts, vivid narratives, actual battle ground pictures and maps. Sholly describes events many veterans cannot talk about to this day. The scope of the book allows for an equally powerful sequel in the future.

Alamogordo, another Amazon Kindle book, will be available mid-2014.

Stonywood’s vision at this time includes two additional books of diverse subjects such as the challenges and wonders of growing up in our national parks, followed by an adventure story dealing with spies, terrorism and counter-terrorism set in the Middle East. Watch for them!
If you have a desire to purchase any of these books or want to discuss a possible future for yourself as an author, contact Stonywood today.